Tuesday, July 20, 2010

the Swamp Rat edition of the Dodge Ram, well, maybe it was called the Don Garlits special edition, but I couldn't find anything on the net about it

if anyone knows anything more about these, I'd like to know, there is nothing on the internet about it. But it's a 1995 special edition.


  1. there were 180 trucks made by mark III befor they closed. don garlits has #1 on display in florida.when i talked to him about mine he said his friend had 180 and markIII closed befor he got any documentation from them on the trucks. i have 151 and 107 hope this helps

  2. Hi Mike, do you still have your big daddy for sale? If so how much. I missed out on buying one with the flames in NY in 96. just got married so new wife said no. now shes gone and I can replace her with it ; ) thanks, Jeff.

    1. I missed something, where do you see it for sale, and where did I put that it was mine? Neither are on the money. Itook photos of this in a parking lot. It's what I do when I find cool vehicles to share with my readers