Saturday, July 31, 2010

Going all the way to impress potential buyers at the 1925 First Auto Expo of Rio de Janeiro

For 16 days, Ford assembled cars on a makeshift assembly line for the public to watch

The event was attended by Ford, General Motors, Chrysler, Gray, Packard, Hudson, Itala, Lancia and Voisin.

these photos came to light when the grandson of an engineer associated with making the expo happen, loaned the bool to a Rio newspaper. It's likely that no one alive recalls the event, or that it was thrown to promote development of roads in Brazil, because there weren't any. In view of the push that more car owners and car makers would make with the demand for roads, if I read the articles right, this was a brilliant idea that would force roads to get made from the trails that barely were drivable .

For a full gallery and posts about this extraordinary display of new cars and extreme measures to impress the potential new buyers in Rio, be sure to have Google toolbar ready to translate or use, and click on

Thanks to Nik and Rafael for spreading the word about this amazing historical moment, which I bet has never been duplicated or copied

Is it any wonder I recommend Nik's blog so highly? Couldn't give it higher praise and applause!


  1. You are very generous, that's what you are Jesse!
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    Really wonderful post friend, many thanks to brining those photos into limelight.