Thursday, July 29, 2010

Did you know that the last 50 Yenko Duece's made were built by Hurst under direction of Don Yenko?

photo via:,8953/1970-Chevrolet-Nova_photo.aspx

50 were made by Hurst,
.... 10 were made in Hugger Orange: but only one was delivered with Hurst 5 spokes, only one was made with white hockey stripes
.... 10 were made in Sunflower Yellow
.... 10 were made in Citrus Green
These colors were called Springtime Colors
...the remaining 20 were a mix of Cranberry Red and Fathom Blue

Linda Vaughn was in Hurst's parking lot after they were made, she was "practicing" on them, and doing burnouts... Muscle Car Review August 2010 issue, pages 74 to 78

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