Monday, February 01, 2010

Lots more coverage, so stick around, from the 2010 Grand Natioanl Roadster show to come, here's just a few head turners that caught my attention

If you've seen other cars that Strope's place has worked on, you'll be happy to see another Pure Vision Mopar

This 1956 Fiat transporter was used by Lance Reventlow's Scarabs during the 1960 Grand Prix season and then was bought by Carroll Shelby for the Cobra Daytona team cars seen in here
El Cid is in a magazine this month, just read the article, and can't recall which magazine
I was paying attention to the light and window reflection on the windshields of these two, and think it turned out well

This sign was the coolest one I found at the show, who ever thought of this is a genius

Above, the Glass Slipper
Above, the only 6 wheel hot rod I can recall, and for sure the only one with military tires!
The Moonliner, love it. I've loved the look of this for many years, posted it in 2006: as it's the cover of the Dean Moon book, and have wondered if it was once painted red, or if this is a different car:

I'd like to see this Merc with the trunk closed

just below the Rat fink is a flying eyeball

Above are 3 of 4 Mr Norm's vehicles, the new Demon is behind the truck
Very pretty blue, and yes, I love the car too.

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