Friday, February 05, 2010

Artist Darrell Mayabb had a booth at the Grand National Roadster show, but didn't want any of his illustrations photographed

He'd have had a much better post, but as you'll see from his website, he's scared to death that you'll actually see any of his work large enough to enjoy it, unless you pay for it. Well, good luck with that philosophy.
This is just the most pathetic post for an artists work you'll ever see here. But few artists are such dumbasses as to keep you from seeing the work they are trying to sell. Just check out his website and you'll probably agree.


  1. Anonymous2:40 PM

    Hey Jesse,
    If that's your real name. You're such a geek! I've followed Darrell's work for 20 years and have always appreciated his talent. His work has been lifted and butchered hundreds of times and it pisses me off, almost as much as you have with this little blog post of yours. Darrell and I have worked together on a number of jobs and his website suits the needs of his clients. His work is constantly being re-edited because of the Internet and I don't blame him one bit for his presentation choice. Get a life you jackass, or in your words, you "dumbass".
    Yours truly,
    Bill Pope

  2. A geek? Really. Are you 10 years old?

    I didn't say I didn't appreciate his talent, or that I have any fundamental reason to refute anything you've said about his troubles on the internet.

    Have a Midol, and get over your indignation. I stand by what I said that you seem to not have read, I'd have done a really good post about his work, like I do of all the artist whose work I like. But since he is a dumbass and hasn't figured out that a couple of full size samples would be perfect for free publicity, like I do, and could be used many times over without the need for him to sacrifice any more of his work to the potential for "re-editting".

    Instead, I posted the link to his website, and his business card. Maybe his clients find those postage stamp sized artworks acceptable for viewing and appreciating, but as an artist and appreciator of art for over 30 years, I say with confidence that postage stamps don't cut it for art appreciation.

    You open your note with letting me know you've appreciated his work for 20 years, well, you owe it to him as a friend then to let him know that if he's had all those issues with other people screwing with his work, he needs to change his coding format of his photos. MHTML Document format is proved to be impossible to recopy, tell him to use that along with making his images full screen size, and this will give him the best of both worlds, images no one can copy or edit, and full size so people can look and enjoy. If they can't enjoy full size they won't buy. They won't even refer others to look at them. If he chooses not to improve size and format, then he's stupider than you are. I've got a life, a website far more people enjoy, and enough brains to share my appreciation and finds with a half million people a year and growing while still taking the time to point out how others can improve and do better business. Even when I slam that dumbass for his stupid ass website, I still post the link and let readers know the work is worth seeing.

    I'm doing just fine, improve yourself before you put me down Bill

  3. Jesse,
    It's a common courtesy to not take photographs of artists or photographers work. There's too much plagiarism and theft. So many unkind words on your post. I've personally known Darrell for over 30 years. He's one of the most talented, creative artists, photographer and designer I've ever known, and very unassuming about his talent and legacy.
    I was Art Director for NBC & CBS for almost 35 years. I've used Darrell's photos and illustrations for many of those years.
    Your harsh words are posted for the world to see. May they come back and bring you the harm you've created. It's very easy to be critical of anyone. Don't take pot shots at a man who has a world following. You have no idea what a great man you're criticizing.
    Tom Mares

  4. Tom, since you don't post your email or other way to respond to your potshot of a comment on my blog.

    1st, bullshit about not photograghing due to plagiarism and theft. How do I know that? 4 years of posting and getting artists glad permission to publish their art. So I can say bullshit to that claim, authoritatively.

    2ndly, only one unkind word, "dumbass". So you are full of shit or stupid, both, or exaggerating for effect. Pick one. Pull back on the focus from that one word, if you can release the myopia you are afflicted with, and you just might see that the post is a compliment to his ability as an artist, but points out his moronic take on publisizing. You aren't the first to think I'm slamming him, but I compliment his work, and crtisize his business sense, and back up my point by linking to his website where it's obvious that I'm right.

    Good for you, my compliments on your accomplishments, but you aren't the topic here.

    He may be those things you say, I agree on his art... or I wouldn't have posted about his art, gotten his permission to post the shifter knobs, and tried to illuminate my readers to his really good art. Nothing in my post puts down his artistry, you mook, how can such myopia be unable to comprehend the written word?

    You evidently only read the word dumbass, and didn't read the previous commentary, and my astute reply. You should, and you wouldn't have jumped the gun on your comment, proving your own words about the nature of being easy to criticize, especially as you are unable to read everything, and focus on one word when critising me.

    I point out in my post on his work that it is the most pathetic, and that reflects on my post, not his work, as my posts on artists are complimentary, free publicity, and always put great art and artists in the best showcase I can make for them.

    Your advice to not take pot shots at men with world followings is equally bizarre and stupid. Tom doesn't have a world follwing, and you must not have even a glancing concept of the world... I've got a world following, can prove it, have been ranked by peers as more favored and enjoyed than all but 13 other websites in my field in the whole world, and a website that daily has over 100 countries visiting it. Every day, over a 100 different countries look and enjoy at what I do, they aren't even aware of his existance. Why would they, he won't publisize anything they can see large enough to recognize?

    So yes, I do have an idea of the man I'm criticizing and you don't of the one you are, you try looking him up on the internet instead of going by what you know, and you might find, like I did, that there's nothing there.