Sunday, January 17, 2010


Before creating the Pierce Arrow, George N. Pierce was making birdcages in 1883

Rolls Royce upholstery was the same as used on seats in the House of Commons

Checker Marathons were built with a high clearance of the chassis to get the driveshaft below the floor, eliminating the driveshaft hump, and getting the wheels so low that there would be no wheel well humps to take up cargo space. Clever!

The first car to have spare tires on the rear was the Locomobile of 1911

In 1920 there were 35 car makers in Detriot, and 122 in the rest of the US

A continental kit refers to the custom work Edsel Ford (Henry's son) had done to 1939 Lincoln Zepyhrs prior to his trip to Palm Beach, where his friends loved it and ordered their own

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