Sunday, January 10, 2010

Finally, a 50's and 60's blog about dragsters, Roth, racing, 60's groovy culture, perfect hot rods, and funny cars!

George Barris made a motorized surfboard? ! ? His "Surf Woody" toured with it ont he national circuit it had a small Moon fuel tank, a 2 cylinder McCulloch engine

Full story on page 136 of Big Book of Barris:

She is in front of Roth's Road Agent, and she is wearing a Watson's mini skirt... a combo of customizers, and with a beehive hairdoo too... wow, what 60's!

Just a sample of the cool stuff! Look through all of it;
HEY MB, if you're reading, love your blog! You don't have an email I could use to tell you though.

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