Friday, January 15, 2010

Ed Roth's Honda N600 rolling advertising of sign painting and pinstriping

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  1. I remember Ed tooling around Buena Park,CA in this when I was a kid. Ran into him several time at the Tower Records off of Beach and Stanton.

    Was a genuinely nice guy,always had time to chat.

    The biggest mistake I ever made was not taking a sign painters apprentice gig at Knotts Berry Farm back in the late 70's. I wish I had known then that Ed woulda been my boss! I've regretted that decision to his day.

    And to top it all off,this maniac used to chase me and my friends outta The Cars of the Stars and The Planes of Fame in Buena Park when we would ditch outta lunch at Calder(now Buena Park) Jr. High. Wasn't 'til I was much older that I realized that guy was Kenneth Howard AKA Von Dutch!
    I walked amongst greatness and was oblivious.
    The ignorance of youth..........