Thursday, January 07, 2010

The AMX 3 is back! It's back at the SD Auto Museum

It's been gone for a couple of years now... get in to see it while it's there. If you're uncertain what an AMX-3 is, it was a prototype that wound up to be more expensive than the Corvette, so AMC scrapped the idea. The engine was a 390 mid engine mount, the design was from Dick Teague, and they made about 6 or so in Turin Italy with Bizzarini, scrapped a couple after shutting down the project, but Dick kept 2, and one was buried in a private garage and never seen again.
For the full history of the AMX-3:
For photos of the yellow one,


  1. Pretty cool cars. Every AMX has those goofy rear ends.

  2. To see another prototype, the AMX-R manufactured by Jeffords in Milwaukee, check out the webpages at and
    I saw a Jeffords AMX-R when I was a kid and it was weird for a new car of that era to have a rumble seat instead of a trunk.