Monday, November 16, 2009

The replica of Norm's Kookie T, I doubt anyone but Norm could tell the difference

For a full post on Norm Grabowski, icon and influence of hot rodding:

For a full post on Norm and the Life gallery of photos taken at Norm's garage and on the way to drag race Tommy Ivo at Santa Ana dragway in 1957:

Tere was invited to sit in the T and have her picture taken with the hat. But I was stunned to see the T at SEMA... completely unremarked in the SEMA information pamphlet I'd looked at, and at an entrance to the South hall (I think)

The original was upholstered by icon Tony Nancy, painted by legendary Valley Custom, and with flame job and pinstriping by icon Dean Jeffries
this was the start for this replica, looks rough! But they did a perfect job and you've seen the results!

This is what has became of the icon bucket T that was on 77 Sunset Strip, it was a victim of the touring show car craze of the flamboyant 60's, and in this iteration it remains in storage. It's current owner is not showing it, or returning it to it's original look.

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