Sunday, November 15, 2009

Cars in the display area at SEMA

Nice! How rarely I've seen a cool Torino!

Biotchin longroof!

N2A, posted about this company before, but I've never come across one in person... well done! their website

Nice simple and smooth! Great choice of rims, and the only complaint anyone had was that the wiper motor was still part of the car. Everything else in the engine bay was smoothed out, but the wiper motor is garingly blowing the symetry off. Wrecked it for one guy I talked to.

Notice the Pabst draft handle on the shifter, very cool

Wow, looks ready for the drags! Ol 'longroofan outta get a kick outta this! is the full gallery from the owner of this station wagon built to road race- and be a reliable daily driver. The engine is a 383-inch SBC, trans is a T56 6-speed stick, rear axle is a 9-inch Ford.

This has to look awesome in the sunlight... the reflections of the ceiling lights wreck photography

those pipes are about as big as the tailights

I like the nuclear symbol on the diff and the center of the roof

artwork and airbrush by Sean Lynch, Lafayette Colorado

over 700 handpainted skulls, 9 dragons and over 250 hours of artwork

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  1. yeah, Jesse, that 59 longroof is to die for, as well as that 66? dragster which is beautiful!!