Sunday, August 23, 2009

1st annual San Diego Studebaker and Packard Car Clubs car show

Evolution of a radiator cap design

A Stude Commander with hood pins.. nice!

Above: Purolator gadget that I forgot to ask about.

This is the emblem for the Erskine. I have never seen one before!

I can't read the small sticker above, but I think the word on the top line to the right side is "Aristocrat"
The speedometer and odometer gauge are made by Stewart Warner

Nice instrument set, simple frame and looks very nice!

The brake light is very cool, I was expecting it to say STOP and was surprised. Very cool self promotional tool for the Erskine company

Here are a couple of photos from the parts vendors

These two shots are to demonstrate the roof line chop of the farther car

I don't recall ever seeing a Van Sicklin speedometer before. It is in the 1923 Stude with the rest of the following photos

For more see: and for this car show from a different perspective and point of view

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