Sunday, August 23, 2009

One mixed up Superbee, not the way the factory built them, but the way this owner wanted one

Let me begin with my compliments on an eye catching Superbee... Plum Crazy Purple and white throughout is good looking
But Superbees didn't have shiny grills.

This shows that the hood scoops were so desired that they were installed right onto a bubble top hood. Wow, what a mash up... I bet it's the only one in the world.
I wish a flat hood had been used for those scoops, and that the right hood emblems had been picked... I think these are from a 71 Charger Super bee
I love the 1970 pistol grip shifter, wish I had one.
Electric windows
The go-wing wasn't an option in 69 that I know of, the scoops were, but I don't think you'd find them on a bubble top hood 383 Superbee... for that matter the Plum Crazy paint wasn't a 1969 color either.

So there it is, not close to how they came from the factory, but it's the way the owner wanted one, with a lot of 1970 options.

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