Monday, July 13, 2009

El Mirage had just one food vendor that I came across... Here's my warning of what ridiculous prices to expect

For an idea how bad these prices are, consider the kosher Hebrew National big hot dog at Costco is only $1.50 with a coke and free refills. This vendor was charging 3X that much.

Or the breakfast burrito, just about 3 bucks at Humbertos on 43rd (really damn good bacon agg and cheese) or this vendor charges double.

How about the water? I guess they are selling 20 oz bottles... as you know, it's a dollar a gallon at most grocery stores... this vendor charges 2 and 1/2 X that for 1/3 as much

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1 comment:

  1. Vendor is probably paying around $400 per day to be there plus $100 for Health Department. Don't blame the vendor, blame the organizer that charges such high space rental.