Sunday, July 12, 2009

Consider the terrific people and truly unique characters you'll run into at the races

Only htis one tire was not sporting the beauty ring and baby moon... love the wing on the back of the Brain Freeze van
This was one of several Sheps in the pits
(Pits, literally. Hey, stupid people! Leave the fur coat crowd at home in the air conditioned homes! It's FREAKING 100 DEGREES on the lake! When the dogs lay down, their balls and stomachs are in direct contact with over 100 degree hardpan! HAVE A FREAKING HEART! )
at least this one was potentially benefitting from the thermal blanket and this woman was trying very conscientiously to keep the dog in the shade of the umbrella

Someone must need a starter at the start line

Kings crown and the trike is Moon powered
Dont'cha just dig this guy!

The wind was 10-20 knots, and that flipped the shade unbrella inside out for the Razzberry Rocket crew

The starting line guy, very nicely done... patient, clear, and concise in his hand signals

here's a variety of cool t shirts .. the SCTA one was selling at 18 to 20 bucks

This is just one of many posts to display the photos and video I took at El Mirage, for more just click on

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