Sunday, February 15, 2009

World's Fastest Indian, 205.67 mph. Damn good movie

Cut right to the 17 second mark, (skip the ratings nonsense)

"Offerings to the god of speed" I dig that.

Think you have made concessions to speed before? Burt was able to sit 3/8" lower because of these rocker arm divots.

Burt set the under-1000cc world record, 183.586 mph (295.453 km/h), at Bonneville, 26 August 1967, on his 1920 Indian Scout. This record still stands today.
Look over for more tidbits like these;
He used an old spoke for a micrometer
He made two new con rods from DC6 B propeller
He cast parts in old tins and pistons in holes in the sand at the local beach! He built his own four-cam design to replace the standard two-cam system and converted to overhead valves.
He made his own cylinder barrels, flywheels, pistons, cams and followers and lubrication system.
He effectively hand-carved his con-rods from a Caterpillar tractor axle, and hardened and tempered them to 143 tons tensile strength.
He built a seventeen plate, thousand pound pressure clutch and used a triple chain drive.
Burt still held the Australian sidecar record, as-late as 1977.


  1. Brilliant Movie. I love it.

  2. Come on Jesse, don't tell me you have just seen that movie? But it's 2 years old (maybe more) and a mustt see for CAR GUYS!!! :):):):
    Stop doing that terrific blog of yours sometime and go to the theatre once in a while, ok?