Thursday, February 05, 2009

JBA on Convoy, just an intersection south of the 52

Above: Pinched headers.. who hasn't done that?
That bottom green 67, barely any rust, great find

It says, 2300 miles, like new, best offer. Now that must be hard to pass up if you've got a 150 thou or so
Cool display... its the modern speed shop kind of vibe I dig.
Vintage sticker from 1969, Awesome!

I love a stack of books or magazines that just state "Car guys welcome here"

If you spot this on the street look out. Viper engine!

Some cool new wallpaper for you

Stop on over, enjoy the ambience! for the wallpaper quality photos I thought you might like, and thanks to J Bittle for the open house tour of the JBA machine shop!

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