Thursday, February 05, 2009

Always get a second opinion about car repairs, and never go to any shop that doesn't come recommended by a trusted car guy... I saved Mick $2500

Mick called me up one afternoon a couple weeks ago telling me that the BMW dealership told him the 2004 Mini was soon going to need a new clutch, and it had a cracked radiator, a blown head gasket... and would cost about 3500 to repair. Nothing was under warranty.

I told Mick to ditch the dealership, go to the PRO in transmissions... Don Wang, DRW transmissions

Mick was treated to an honest mechanic for a change, and they set him straight. The head gasket did need to be replaced... and the trans in the Mini was fine. The guy who took it for a test run told Mick, "I'm gonna be hard on it, that is what it takes to feel it out, and see how it responds... if it feels bad, we'll know it's ready to be replaced."
It responded like a pampered trans with many years of life left.

Score one for honest mechanics, and DRW transmissions.

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