Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Mopar and Super Bee fans have some cool new stuff to enjoy!

http://www.bentrodgarage.com/ check out the Shaker Bee and the Super Bee statue!

And here's the step by step from the artist on the 69 Superbee http://bp0.blogger.com/_TPtGq01JuT8/SEt7P5zYE3I/AAAAAAAAAbU/7t8AXCwkIQc/s1600-h/69TUTORIAL01.jpg
and a post with great detail http://purosculpture.blogspot.com/2008/05/69-super-bee-behind-scenes.html
For a quick image that doesn't compare to the photos on the above link, http://bp3.blogger.com/_TPtGq01JuT8/SI9csGXGhsI/AAAAAAAAAlE/8lLGVVdy9AQ/s1600-h/ad-01.jpg of the August Mopar Muscle magazine ad
The artists website, for great art, pinstriping, and lowriders http://purosculpture.blogspot.com/
http://www.bentrodgarage.com/ is the company, in Tennesee.
I found this on the great site http://autozine.com.br/ don't be fooled by all the new car stuff, he's got a big variety of cool stuff. Get Google to translate the webpage for you.

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