Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cars and Coffee / Breakfast at Balboa, San Diego's Balboa Park once a month Sunday morning get together.

This mustang Gt 500 is in front of the AC Cobra, and I took these photos to show how oversized the Mustang is... and that's a lot of wasted space. The AC is only as long as the cut off Mustang image below. 1/4 of the front fender to the rear bumper.

Hood ornament of a 50's Cadillac

Alfa Romeo

140 Horse Power

Nissan GT-R

The above toolkit belongs to the 1956 Daimler below

The above windshield is on an Alfa Romeo

Yeah, those look like claw marks, very very big claw marks, and they are real. I checked.

For more info, map to the location, and when the next will be when it get announced :
Last months gallery form the Breakfast at Balboa / Cars and Coffee:

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