Saturday, August 02, 2008

2008 Clairemont neighborhood park car show

Mike's latest, and soon to be on it's way (with a snowmaker for an AC system) to Hot August Nights in Reno. Last year Mike drove his roadster (Grand National Raodster Award) runner up... and it was a bit sweaty through the desert.
Very well restored, and painted in his driveway (really nice job too!) he bought it for a couple hundred from a high school body shop class. With the parts from a donor car in his backyard, and lots of swapmeet searching, it's a great transformation.
And the liscense plates? I asked about those, seems the US Olympic celebrational plates of 1984 were a bit confusing when he read about them on paper... and he got them with the notion that they would have a certain diplomatic effect

This is what he traded the purple 33 3 window for... straigh across, he was tired of the 33, and looking for something a little more streetable
The purple car is the last photo in this post:

the first time I've come across this radio

Looks backward to me. Possibly a prank by a car club member?

Long ago, like in the late 60's and 70's, an 8 track player was a common upgrade... but never seen anymore
Plymouth grill with a new perspective
A different Plymouth, '33 and very cool

Real aged patina

I dig the circle around the number of the speedometer, rare feature in all those I've seen

Corvair side ramp, and the first I've had good lighting to take photos of