Saturday, August 02, 2008

The Desperado, driven by Eily Stafford

The NE1 dragster of Bayuk/Jordan will be driven at the finals by our (20 year old) driver, Eily Stafford, replacing that (65 year old) driver Chuck Bayuk. She drove for us at the last NERA race Sept 8th and at the CHRR. We are in the process of slowing down the tune-up to compensate for the loss of 100 pounds of drivers weight. Loose a 100lbs, go a tenth quicker
Chuck Bayuk

Paint by Mark Lueck designs, El Cajon (city on the edge of San Diego)

The engine looked familiar, so did the driver, and this is the same racecar, just new paint and painter. The previous painter moved to Pennsylvania. This was at the Driveline car show in March

Eily Stafford of Mt. Laguna, Calif., won the pin-up girl contest Saturday afternoon. Stafford competes in the Nostalgia Eliminator class and was the meet's No. 1 Qualifier but fouled out in the first round.