Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Some cool stuff inside just ONE barn at Simpson's plant nursery, near San Diego

I just dig these bikes that were marketed at the people who would rather have had motorcycles

1954 Ford F100 fire truck

Strange to see this much ornamental side trim on a utility wagon... well it may have been called something else back then, but the whole "SUV" label is plastered on far too many useless trucks that have no "sport" and little "utility" in their useless existences. Nice, well yes they are. Most of the SUVs are nice, comfy, and get the law of gross tonnage right of way in a bully match on the street. But darn few ever use the 4 wheel drive, most will never get the tires dirty, muddy, or submerged in water. Might as well use a delivery van. At least they never will let you down when it comes to cubic feet of stowage

Sometime ago this Ford pre 1964 radio was installed in the Willys. Well why not? This had to have happened long before aftermarket radios were being made.