Friday, July 04, 2008

No longer being added to, but it's got some great stuff... "ifitsgotanengine"

Here's an example of why I like it
My new Car and Driver seemed a bit skimpy . . . in the content department.
When I received my new Car and Driver magazine, I read it cover to cover, as usual.

I noticed that it seemed like there were more ads than usual.

When I counted pages, here’s what I found:
Total pages, counting inside front and rear cover:210
Total pages of advertisements:125
Total pages of content:85
Percentage of magazine not advertisements:40%
Kinda hard to believe they don’t pay me to read it if it’s mostly ads.

2nd example
Engineering Overkill part 2: BMW door locks
* The doors can be locked and deadlocked. When deadlocked, they will not open from inside. This prevents a thief from prying the window open enough to get a slim jim in and pull the lock knob. The lock knob and all rods internal to the door are physically prevented from moving. This also prevents anyone not familiar with the system from unlocking the door, even with the key, as unlocking a deadlocked door requires turning the key in the unlock direction, lifting the handle, then turning the key farther.
* Heated door locks. If the temperature is below 38 F and you lift up on the outside door handle with the car locked, a heater in the lock energizes for 30 seconds to melt any ice from the lock.
* Inertia switch. If the car undergoes a shock of approximately 5g’s, all doors automatically unlock, and the hazard lights turn on. This allows rescue teams to more easily locate a wrecked car and gain entry.