Friday, July 25, 2008

About the new map with blue spots on the right hand side of this website

If you roll your indicator (pointer / mouse) over the blue dots, it tells you where the reader is, what country and city. Pretty cool!

The little map with red dots I'm keeping 'cause it tells me how many people looked in on the previous day. (I'm really amazed that all of you look at what I do, and astonished that around 500 people a day are looking now!)

It is very humbling that people in Indonesia, Italy, Brazil, Ireland, and the other 80 countries find what I do interesting enough to keep looking. Very astonishing... I guess we all enjoy much of the same auto related stuff.

Every now and then I repost my survey questions, but only 6 or 7 people have responded, 2 in California, one in Texas, one in England, one in New Jersey.. and my bad memory doesn't recall the other 2 (sorry, maybe you relate to my memory problem or maybe you sympathize. I believe it's due to the vast amount of stuff I post here, read, see, and do.)