Friday, June 20, 2008

Mopars at Chula Vista's Tuesday night cruise

Points for having a '68 Charger... more points for just black and white, but points taken away for putting in a 413, and not even the long tube dual quads that are just funky cool, more points taken away for posing as an R/T and hassling me about studying the VIN to see if it was really an R/T or left the factory costing the first buyer less.

This '68 Charger (round tail lights are '68 specific for Chargers, maybe the last round brake lights for a Mopar) and the round side marker lights are on all '68 Mopars (so far as I've seen)

This license plate isn't right for this '68 Road Runner. (I guess it's a 68 based on the taillights) The California license plates of the 60's were alphabetical for the left 3 and numeric for the right 3 digits. If you want to guess correctly at the year of a California car and it still has it's original plates, you just look at the 3 letters and place it based on what you know of other cars of a certain year. Road Runners originated in 1968, and this is an early 60's plate. The correct range for the letters should be around V through Z, is my speculation. My '69 starts with Z and was first registered in Nov of 68 I believe.

Notice the 66 Charger below, it's plate is TCZ 268.. . so there is a factual point of reference for what letters were on 1966 plates. The New Yorker plates start with V so I believe it's a 68
Yeah, I know about the Stang in the photo... but it's a good shot of the RR tail lights

I don't think I've seen this Mopar hubcap before

I don't remember seeing a bar speedometer that pivoted from the top!
'67 or 68 New Yorker