Monday, June 16, 2008

A great variety from El Cajon's cruise

I wasn't sure which shot really makes me happiest, so here are several of the zoomies

Now this "repair kit" rings a bell with me, many times I've thought how satisfying it would be to just blow the damn car up when something broke.

The horn was on the 1940's URAL bike with sidecar
I spotted this helmet once while the guy was out riding, but had no time to snap a shot of him in action

Just yells out Bettie Page to me
Nice stickers!

I've never seen hubcaps like these

Wow, how amazing that they went to the extra cost of making a great background to the whole set of instrument cluster, radio, and clock.

The only one around.

1973 Mach one, hmmm. I'm impressed that this was found and restored, and that they were still selling them with 429s in '73