Friday, June 13, 2008

'64 Comet 404, a daily driver!

nice upholstery, and I'm on a backseat ashtray kick right now... realizing that cars aren't even made with lighters or ashtrays anymore. I'm not pro-smoking, but I am for the freedom to choose to enjoy whatever you want. Rear seat ashtrays represent the pre-70's. When the world was innocent to the dangers of smoking.

For 1964 the Comet acquired new lines with and all new squared off body line design. Different from previous models, these new Comets were a bit longer and more futuristic in style. The 1964 model introduced new names in the Comet Caliente , Comet 202 and Comet 404. Three distinctive packages with the same body lines and drivetrain components. The Caliente was the sport model with the cyclone being the ultimate package with the v-8 engine as standard equipment, 6,000 rpm factory dash tachometer and bucket seat interior in addition to the attractive color keyed body side molding. The 202 model was the economy version while the 404 nicely filled the mid series slot A WebSite for 1964 Mercury Comet Information and Production Numbers Has errors about the fact that the 60 and 61 Comets weren't Mercurys, they were Fords.