Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Winner of 5 moving violation tickets from an over eager La Mesa PD officer

I think this is Joe's 32 if my memory is correct, and he was relating how the La Mesa car show is dying fast due only to the efforts of the La Mesa police department to give all hot rodders reasons to stay away from the car cruise nights.
I heard 3 seperate conversations citing that exact reason why hot rodders won't go to the La Mesa cruise anymore. I don't blame them. http://justacarguy.blogspot.com/2007/06/hiding-12-block-off-main-drag-on-cruise.html#links

So Joes was cruising into La Mesa with several other t buckets, when they were all pulled over by LMPD. So the officer (here I paraphrase to keep this short 'cuase I don't enjoy typing) telles them all to shut up while he writes tickets, and one of the t bucket owners asks him what the hell he's doing to the cars that are going to be in the car show they have been invited to.

The cop tells them to shut up, and finishes writing the many tickets on the many cars. Joe got 5. Then the one guy tells all the t bucket owners to give him the tickets, they do, and the cop asks him what he thinks he's doing. The driver replies that the cop is an idiot, and he's going to deal with all these tickets.

The cop asks him who he thinks he (the t bucket driver) is. The driver replies "I'm your police chief's dad, stupid, and your days in LMPD are over."

I love it.
This Cougar was minding it's own business at the La Mesa cruise last year when the woman behind it (looking at the license plate) noticed there were 5 minutes before the time was up on the parking meter required pay time, like 5pm, and the Cougar didn't have money in the meter. At the car show. The car show that wants us hot rodders to attend.

So look at the link for the motorcycle cop in La Mesa ready to give more tickets, and make your own decision to boycott, or attend the La Mesa show on Thursday nights.