Thursday, May 08, 2008

Fun Bike Center 2nd annual cars for Radys Children Hospital


Purchased as is by the current owner

Shown individually, and as a dash design. The "Dodge" plate is a radio delete plate, but the really cool feature is that on the left the lighter area also has the receptacle for a spare pack of smokes

One of the last to have an interior hand brake

Look at the emergency brake handle..... interesting
The leaf springs are wrapped in a soft metallic material, but that was after the factory coated them in grease, to decrease the noise they make when rusty and clogged with sand.

I like that the designors put the glovebox over where the driver could easily reach into it.
The handle is cool, looks like a push pull, also I noticed the red reflectors at the back of the armrest

HA HA! A mopar 440 6 pk hoodscoop on this 57 Chev. And Mopar Performance sticker on top of the dash