Wednesday, March 12, 2008

great reference website!

here's some excerpts from

Really good indepth article on the Coronet (plus Super Bee and R/T) evolution from the 68 to 69 design changes... both how and why.

"Lacking tooling money, however, for a new hood, Dodge stylists imaginatively accomplished their task by grafting a stamped metal skirt onto the forward edge of the carryover hood."

"The recessed area above the bumper was filled with a bright-edged black panel that contained three slim horizontal rectangles. The left and right sections housed the taillamps. The middle rectangle, though not illuminated, contained red reflective material."

"In '69, Dodge also offered special performance packages for the 440- and 426-cubic-inch engines. Track Pak included a heavy-duty four-speed transmission with Hurst linkage, a heavy-duty 9.75-inch Dana axle with a 3.54 ratio, Sure-Grip nonslip differential, 26-inch high-performance radiator with fan shroud, seven-blade torque-drive fan, and dual-breaker distributor. The Super Track Pak included all of the above plus power disc brakes and 15-inch cast-center road wheels."

A couple of errors on this website are the description of the ram air switch, it actually is a pull handle to a cable that moves the flap, and the side marker reflectors didn't have light bulbs in 69... the 68's were just lights without reflectors, and the 69's went to just reflectors, then in 70 they went for a combo to offer "protection even with a burned-out bulb."

I believe this exemplifies why researchers who aren't into a subject personnaly should be fact checked by a fanatic, an expert, or both. I know I've made similar mistakes that I dodn't realize simply because I don't have a fact checker