Saturday, February 09, 2008

Thanks to Teds Garage blog, here's an AMC tribute: Richard Dreyfess commercial, AMX 3 in a car show, and more... from You Tube AMC commercial where the owner doesn't feel like he's got a race car, funny! Richard Dreyfuss! not very good acting IMHO... a gang leader? That's the actor they cast? C'Mon! Skip right to the last 20 seconds.. ... great idea for showcasing your cars' unique sound, put the camera on the ground, and drive over it, the rev the engine. Made me smile! an all AMC car show video, good production value, which showcases the AMX 3! at minute 2:45 until the end 3 minutes later. I believe this was the one that resided at the San Diego Auto Museum in the late 90's. I love this car. base model '69 Rebel commercial uses humor to showcase it's dependability