Tuesday, January 05, 2021

MSS 500 Pierwsza jazda, the Polish motorcycle.... Anibal finds and posts the widest variety of stuff on his Facebook page

both of front-rear wheels mentioned taken from the German military aircraft wheels, which are wrapped on 20-inches-size truck rims, then the carburetor is taken from the German tanks. 

the MSS 1 was the first motorcycle built handmade by Stanisław Skura in 1949. It could happen due to he is worked at a military airbase, so he had access to equipment and aluminum materials at the airplane workshops. Then he makes this motorcycle, and most of the motorcycle parts are made by himself


But unfortunately, later the motorcycle had been confiscated and destroyed by the Polish military due to the allegations of the motorcycle constructed by using their property

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  1. This is something Adeptus Astartes would use.