Monday, November 25, 2019

I had forgotten that this Mall Polisher Sander Drill was hiding in my garage. It's one of several things that I don't think were ever used, but were bought in the 1960s

I've told the story before, but haven't posted this drill before, and in short, I met a great guy in his 50s, became friends, he got cancer, and his mom -in her 80s, told me I could have what ever was in the garage. This one one of those things. His dad had bought a couple things, and left them in their boxes, and didn't seem to have used them.

HANG ON, seriously? using it as a floor polisher with a long broom handle and a bracket? Clever!


one of the other things was a 1968 DeVilbiss paint gun 

which is pretty amazing to find in someone's garage.

So I had the idea a couple years ago to try and get autographs from the greatest car painters 

and found Gene Winfield, Jon Kosmoski, Art Himsl, and Charley Hutton at SEMA and got their autographs!  So, if you had a legit spare DeVilbiss paint can, what better thing could you do with it than get it autographed? 

And, who else would be perfect to get in that autograph collection?

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