Monday, July 15, 2019

this is fantastic... I hope you're sitting down... Mickey Thompson's Mini Dragster has been honored with a tribute build! (thanks to Casey for the photos and info!)

It was built by Dave Miller Concepts in Anaheim, for Casey the owner, who had the idea and design outline and uses a $99.00 dollar harbor freight “predator” 6 horsepower engine with a mukuni 23mm motorcycle carb that will function correctly while it wheelies. Casey brought the engine, rear axle, tires/wheels, and steering wheel. The rest was fabbed, evolved, and figured out.

 It uses a CVT style torque converter which continues to shift during the wheelie which means you start the wheelie at 2 mph and finish at 40 mph after traveling at least 300 feet on the back wheels.

 Throttle is on the steering wheel with left and right brake pedals ( it has a differential) so you can “steer” during the wheelstand. (There is a spring loaded castor welded to the back of the seat that keeps you right at the balance point.).

Rear tires are off a Cessna airplane, front tires from a mobility scooter. Frame was constructed as close as possible to Mickey Thompson’s original. We shortened the wheelbase 10 inches so that it would fit into the back of my truck.  Ha!

 We took it to the 70th reunion of hot rod magazine’s two days of drag racing at Pomona Fairgrounds and it was a fun pit vehicle.

If you're wondering what Mickey Thompson mini dragster we're referring to:

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  1. This is one of the coolest "tributes" I have seen. I'm sure it would put a smile on Mickey's face if he were to see it today.
    Steve J.