Thursday, November 23, 2017

remember hearing about a radio station contest to win a car by keeping you hand on it the longest (it lasted 5 days in Texas)? Well, a play was made about that! It received three Tony Award nominations

What you are willing to do for your dream? Would you stand under the searing Texas sun for days with nine other strangers? Endure sleep deprivation, hallucinations and numbness of limbs for a chance to drive off the lot in a brand new truck?

This is the inadvertent question asked by the 2012 La Jolla Playhouse production, Hands on a Hardbody. Based on a 1997 documentary about a group of Texans vying to outlast each other by placing one gloved hand on brand new Nissan truck in hopes of driving off with it

The creative force behind Hands on a Hardbody consists of Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award Winning writer (and Texas native) Doug Wright, music composed by Trey Anastasia (founder of the band Phish), lyrics by Amanda Green and stage choreography by Benjamin Millepied.

The cast each have their own motivation of the same force of economic depravity. The truck, symbolizing the American Dream is the notable 16th character, which lights up, honks and moves fluidly on the stage with the characters.

Each character’s story unfolds through song. The catchy melodies and heart-felt lyrics draw the audience into their struggles. The truck means something different for each person: a one-way ticket to Hollywood; God’s will; or a means for college tuition.

there are more clips on you tube, just look on the lower right side of the web page

above is a short version of the below... you'll enjoy either, but the one below goes further into it

the below gets some info from the contestants about how they tried to use strategy on eating and what to wear on their feet.

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