Friday, December 02, 2016

40 years after her '64 Stingray Corvette was stolen in 1976, it's finally been found and returned to her.... it was found at a car show!

A walking VIN decoder of a car nut recognized that the VIN was not a Vette type, it was for an Impala, so the owner had the cops check it out, and the hidden VIN was still there, and checked as the stolen car from 1976.

The cops found the police report from Anahiem in the micro fiche, and fortuneatly the woman is still alive, and they reunited her with it.

The person who had it at the car show? He had been given the car by his wife about 20 years ago,  and she had bought it at some sketchy cars sales place in Redding that isn't in business anymore (makes sense)

Thanks Steve!

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