Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Off to Comic Con until Sunday night, see you on the other side!

Mark in New Zealand was astonishing in his research on this photo;
The car sharing the forecourt with a biplane is a 1926 Armstrong Siddeley Broadway Saloon. Further research also established that biplane is likely a radial engined cca 1937 Blackburn Baffin Torpedo Bomber, built in Brough, Yorkshire. 29 were acquired by RNZAF and few were converted to training aircraft


  1. You would have lost your bet with me... Once I found your blog, I went though the entire thing...
    I also did that on the H.A.M.B over at Luckily I did, because the mods over there cleaned house one week and deleted thousands of pages of posts...

  2. Have a great trip! Hope you don't need law enforcement!

    1. Why in the hell would I? I've survived worse than San Diego can dish out while in the nasty side of Hong Kong, Kowloon China, and South Korea cites, bars, dives and docks. What the hell do you think is going to happen to me at Comic Con? A sudden Ewok attack? Tribbles? Cosplay Spider Men? What causes you to bring up the trigger happy donut patrol?

  3. I looked at this pic and saw the 'ROPA' on the sign on the left. It is the end of the word EUROPA, a brand of petrol (gasoline) which I think was unique to New Zealand. A quick search showed that this picture was taken in Timaru, New Zealand in the mid 1930s. All I have to do now is identify both the car and the plane. The name Sprague is familiar to many New Zealand motor racing enthusiasts. Ernie Sprague was a well known race driver in the 1960s and '70s, mostly driving English Ford Zephyrs.

  4. From the distinctive wheels, the car is an Armstrong-Siddeley 14 from about 1928 -