Sunday, October 25, 2015

Lynn Bird assembled a terrific album of 1930s hot rod racers at the Gilmore Gold Cup at Mines Field in 1934


  1. A bit more than "hot rod racers." Look up some of those names on Wikipedia: Babe Stapp for instance - drove in 12 Indy 500s, in National Sprint Car Hall of Fame.

    Ted Horn, Eddie Meyer, Ralph Hepburn, all well know professional drivers.

    1. I know, I don't have to look them up. But I'm not going to put in bio info on all of them, this post was not about the drivers, it was about the cars, and the racing numbers painted on the cars, and the way those were designed. But, no, they were not more than, they were just, hot rod racers. This was a hot rod race, those are hot rods. The 1934 Gilmore Gold Cup race... with hot rods, not indy cars