Tuesday, June 09, 2015

never get complacent and forget that dangerous stupid people are everywhere, and will do surprising dangerous things while you are in their vicinity

a red SUV stopping in the left lane of an intersection at 87 Avenue and Anthony Henday Drive on an amber light on Saturday. The driver then quickly reverses at an angle after the light turns red and a driver turns left in front of the vehicle.

The red SUV continues reversing at an angle from the left lane into the right lane, while the motorcyclist in the right lane manages to jump off the bike as the driver hits it. After a slight pause, the SUV driver continues reversing over the entire bike, only coming to a stop with the machine lodged under it.

According to the Edmonton Police Service, the driver was given a $500 ticket for careless driving. Police say the collision was due to driver inexperience.

Found on https://www.facebook.com/noel.alford?fref=nf

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