Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Only occasionally does a cool motorcycle engine come along. Usually it's installed from something completely unusual, by someone very creative. Bo Hare in this case

It’s in a 1930 Peugeot P50T oval boardtrack racer. Modern scale version of WW1 period Gnome&Rhone overhead valve 9 cylinder radial aircraft engine. Methanol premix fuel. Glowplug ignition. 100 cc, 7hp 7000rpm.

There are double d-cells in the fire extinguisher case giving 22,000mah for powering up the plugs

Found on https://www.facebook.com/BikeShedMotorcycleClub/photos/a.982441528446099.1073742635.312531012103824/982441921779393/?type=1


Radial engine video of Bo Hare 
You can read about him in Classic and Sports Car, April 2015 page 185

for great coverage of this bike, see http://www.dwrenched.com/2015/05/dwrenched_29.html?showComment=1433212592449#c4661055066840973789


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    1. yes, he did a hell of a nice job!

    2. I had forgotten to add the links to the better coverage of the bike... http://www.dwrenched.com/2015/05/dwrenched_29.html?showComment=1433212592449#c4661055066840973789