Saturday, November 29, 2014

the Beast of Turin is alive and breathing again, 100 years later, and uber artist/photographer Stefan Marjoram was there to draw, paint, and photograph its engine kick off

see and hear the start-up of the Fiat yesterday in the trailer by Stefan Marjoram for The Beast of Turin, a film that is upcoming in February of 2015

images from

Video of the attempt at the world land speed record (skip the first 30 seconds, nothing happening there) 


  1. I would love to hear this running.

  2. Here's what it sounds like...

    1. thanks! Very much! Your photos, and involvement, and willingness to share this with everyone are admirable! I just came across the video by way of David Greenlees and his site, The Old Motor, but was at work, adn the damn fire wall they have on their computer system won't allow Vimeo to play, just Youtube (and you haven't added this video to your Youtube page). Much appreciation Stefan, for your art, your photography, and your sharing the Beast with everyone... I've been enamored with it since I first learned of it in Oct 2009 when researching and posting about the largest car engines ever used. Thanks very much for sharing a video for the visual and audio effects it has on all us gear heads and grease monkeys!

    2. I forgot! It's wonderful to learn that you're making a movie about the Beast! Can you elaborate a tiny bit... is it a movie theater film, a straight to DVD, a Vimeo / Youtube... ? Great news!

  3. Penny Herman, president of the Triumph Travelers Sports Car Club, posted the Vimeo video of the Beast's first start up since before WWI. What a moment! The pictures taken in the shop and the art inspired me to bring this to the attention of our members in our newsletter. Great reporting. I scoured the internet for more on the subject and found to my great delight a blog with some spirited exchanges between Australian and UK enthusiasts debating the authenticity of car number 2's sojourn down under. Could be fodder for an automotive "Indiana Jones" tale.