Saturday, November 15, 2014

a hood ornament I've never seen before, very cool!


  1. It's MAZ 200 built by Minskiy Auto Zavod (Minsk Auto Factory) in USSR's Belarus Soviet Socialist Republic (now it's a country Belarus) in 1951-1966. The truck design was influenced by US Diamond and Mack trucks and the engine was derived from GMC 2 tact diesel. The animal is a European Bison (Bison bonasus) called "Zubr" in Russian. There was also a clone of this truck made in Yaroslavl (YaAZ 200) which had a bear as a hood ornament. However, these small figures proved to be too fragile and soon were replaced by ornaments on both sides of the hood.

    1. wow, you know a lot about this stuff! Thanks!