Monday, July 07, 2014

National Historic Vehicle Registry

The first was the 1964 Shelby Daytona Coupe, specifically CSX 2287 which won the FIA championship for Shelby / American racing team for the first time.

The Meyers Manx  prototype, 1964

And the 1938 Maserati 8CTF Boyle Special that won Indy in 1939 and 1940

the short list of cars on the list to be next include the 1907 Thomas Flyer that won the 1908 New York to Paris race, a 1919 Pierce Arrow owned by President Wilson, and a 1952 Hudson Hornet

Draft Criteria for Historic Significance
Criterion A: Associative Value – Event
A vehicle associated with an event or events that are important in automotive or American history.
 1903 Packard “Old Pacific” – early transcontinental traveler
 1953 Ferrari 375 MM – President’s Cup winner Andrews AFB race

Criterion B: Associative Value – Person
A vehicle associated with the lives of significant persons in automotive or American history.
 1932 Duesenberg SJ – Fred Duesenberg’s personal car
1909 White Steam Car – first US Presidential automobile

Criterion C: Design or Construction Value
 A vehicle that is distinctive based on design, engineering, craftsmanship or aesthetic value.
 1948 Tucker (design/engineering)
1925 Doble (engineering – steam)

Criterion D: Informational Value
 A vehicle of a particular type that was the first or last produced, has an element of rarity as a survivor of its type, or is among the most well-preserved or thoughtfully restored surviving examples. 1953 Corvette EX122 (prototype)
1899 Packard (first Packard built)

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