Sunday, July 20, 2014

motorcycle leathers info

Within the motorcycle industry, the most popular animals to use of leather are cows, buffalo's, goats and sheep. Optionally, more exotic animals used for leather are kangaroo, deer and stingray and are known for its unique features and superior strength.

 Kangaroo leather, or K-leather, for instance, is known for its strength, light weight and durability and therefore suits the motorcycle apparel industry perfectly. Kangaroo leather, as recent studies have shown, has a prehistoric fibre structure, low level of weave and a low fat content, and therefore provides the rider with a superior strength against leathers from cabretta (hair sheep), goatskin or bovine (cow leather). Additionally, kangaroo leather is more flexible than its cow hide counterpart.

(K leather is 1/2 the weight of cow, and twice the strength)

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