Saturday, April 12, 2014

the most beautiful thing you'll see this weekend, Audrey Hepburn (a favorite of mine I've posted several times on )


  1. Some folks might find this a bit sacrilegious, but I think it's incredibly well done and very, very cool. Audrey was an amazing woman and quite the humanitarian. Rest in peace beautiful woman.

    1. those people can bite me. I think this is remarkable, true perfection of CGI, and though she had no say in the matter, she's dead, and her beauty lives on in a new medium. It's even better than the Steve McQueen cornfield Mustang commercial.

    2. I LOVED THAT MUSTANG COMMERCIAL! I would also love to meet a woman just like Audrey. She was just knock you out gorgeous.

    3. I called dibs! Did you see the photos of her I posted on ? And Grace Kelly... wow. Dibs there too