Friday, February 07, 2014

Operation snowbound, tractors, dozers and plows... 1948


  1. Jesse, as corny as the narration sounds, these are the types of news documentaries that the children in grade school SHOULD see. It sounds like Paul Harvey doing the narrating. Thanks for posting this, I didn't even know about this blizzard.

    1. This is Paul Harvey, very much younger than I've ever heard his voice before, I really enjoyed every days news and "rest of the story" from Paul... I've never heard anyone else ever do such a good job at the days news... not the political nonsense that CNN Fox and the big 3 evening news covers, and not the drivel from Hollywood... but the news. I didn't ever hear of this blizzard either. Oh, and one of my favorite books is from Paul Harvey "these you must remember" 1958 I think he wrote it.

    2. I thought I recognized the voice Jess. Yes Mr. Harvey was quite the reporter, and his voice over the radio commanded attention. He was great, and now his son Paul Jr. has taken the rains to carry on. Yes, "The rest of the Story" was always fun to hear. So many time we hear a report and there's never a follow up. or so it seems. As for political nonsense, unfortunately that creeps into every facet of lives. Wish it didn't, but there it is. I appreciate your postings, keep up the great work, and thanks.