Thursday, January 09, 2014

Fed up with the cost of Sirius XM? I was. Problem solved

Just a couple weeks before your subscription is about to expire, call them up. Ask them how much for the next year, then tell them that's far more than the service is worth to you, and to cancel your renewal. They'll ask why, and you tell them you will go without instead of paying so much, as you've already had friends pay 25 for 6 months instead of the regular 175 a year, and anything they'll sell for 25 for 6 months will do. They counter with the usual song and dance about how your account isn't due for any specials. So tell them fine, just go ahead and cancel as you aren't convinced that 175 a year is worth it. Then they'll counter that though they can't offer you 6 months at 25, they'll go 5 months at 20 bucks.

and there you go. 20 bucks instead of (did the math on a calculator) $72.92

they would prefer to charge you 15 a month


  1. Beware the Auto renew, it'll sneak up on your credit card.

    1. Exactly why I called in a couple weeks before auto renew... which is carefully noted with a post it note on my dash next to my radio... and why I specifically mentioned the "weeks before" in the post.. those bastards will wipe you out BEFORE notifying you that you were on an "Auto Renew" whether you ever agreed to it or not.. 175 a year full price, or 40-50 by telling them they overcharge and you'll just turn it off and switch to mp3 or pandora or whatever... they really are in no mind to lose a customer... and when I switched off the car I bought and sold for my ex, they sent me 3, not just 2, come back for dirt cheap deals... they still have millions to pay Howard Stern before they turn a profit is my guess.