Sunday, October 20, 2013

this is how to pay a ticket.... origami your dollar bills into pigs, and carry them to the DMV or police station in a Dunkin Donuts box. Dude... I applaud you


  1. Why? If he had put 1/100th of that effort into not getting a ticket in the first place, he wouldn't be paying a fine.
    I have a lot better things to do with my time and money. Following societal rules isn't that difficult, even if it makes me less cool than you.

    1. it all depends on what particular societal rules you are referring to. I grew up in Michigan, where the speed limit is 55. That is moronic. There weren't enough vehicles on the roads to disturb a game of Monopoly in it's entirety. Northern peninsula of Michigan does not have enough population to get an interstate... that is the only piece of the USA without an interstate, even Oahu has 2... so societal rules? Seriously? Not being allowed to have a beer if you are under 21, but a Marine? Stupid. Being able to get passed out drunk but not smoke marijuana? Stupid. Dry counties where Jack Daniels is made? Stupid. And this guy was up front about paying his dues, and clever enough to do it with innovation and humor. No one asked you to do less than your best with your time and money... but I can admire his fortitude and invention in the face of bullshit tickets.