Friday, September 13, 2013

LAPD shoot unprovoked at 3 innocent people in trucks validating the lunatic that accused them of abuse of power and incompetence, 2 were hispanic women, the perp they were hunting is a large black man. That's pretty damn incompetent

As reported in the Los Angeles Times:  and in the first week of Feb 2013

LAPD were on the lookout for Christopher Jordan Dorner, a disgruntled ex-cop suspected of hunting down members of the LAPD and their families in a twisted campaign of revenge. The radio call indicated that the truck matched the description of Dorner's gray Nissan Titan.

A few minutes later, a truck slowly rolled down the quiet residential street.

As the vehicle approached the house, officers opened fire, unloading a barrage of bullets into the back of the truck. When the shooting stopped, they quickly realized their mistake. The truck was not a Nissan Titan, but a Toyota Tacoma. The color wasn't gray, but aqua blue. And it wasn't Dorner inside the truck, but a woman and her mother delivering copies of the Los Angeles Times...

Beck and others stressed that the investigation into the shooting is in its infancy. They declined to say how many officers were involved, what kind of weapons they used, how many bullets were fired and, perhaps most important, what kind of verbal warnings — if any — were given to the women before the shooting began...

Law enforcement sources told The Times that at least seven officers opened fire. On Friday, the street was pockmarked with bullet holes in cars, trees, garage doors and roofs. Residents said they wanted to know what happened.

"How do you mistake two women, one who is 71, for a large black male?" said Richard Goo, 62, who counted five bullet holes in the entryway to his house. Then, after this incident occurred... A few blocks from the first accidental shooting, police were responding to the shots fired calls and came across another similar pickup truck to the suspect's. There was a collision to the rear of the vehicle and police fired three shots (at least) into the windshield of the driver who was luckily uninjured and NOT INVOLVED.

Christopher Dorner, the intended target of the police, worked for LAPD and has accused them (manifesto here) of abuse of power and incompetence.

The ultimate irony, as several other sources have commented, is that their response to him is validating his allegations.

photo from by Reuters / Patrick T. Fallon

More inept cops killing innocent people Cops shooting people unprovoked (on/off duty, it doesn't matter)

Update, the cops shot 103 bullets, according to LAPD Chief Beck, who said officers opened fire immediately after one woman threw a newspaper and an officer mistook the sound of it hitting the pavement for gunfire.
“While there were similarities, the truck that approached was a different make and model, different color, had no ski racks and no over-sized tires.”
The police were so scared and upset that they missed with 40 of the bullets not hitting the truck.
More than 1/3 of the shots didn’t even hit the fucking truck!

‘‘I have confidence in their abilities as LAPD officers to continue to do their jobs in the same capacity they had been assigned,’’ Beck said in a department message to officers obtained Wednesday night by The Associated Press.

None of the officers involved in that attempted murder were disciplined or even publicly named, let alone charged for nearly killing the women who were spared only by poor, panicked shooting.

Complicating things, about half of the equipment monitoring the police in the police vehicles is regularly disabled by the police.

Update July 19th 2016,
Eight Los Angeles police officers who mistakenly opened fire on Los Angeles Times newspaper delivery women thinking they were rogue ex-cop Christopher Dorner in 2013 will not be criminally charged, the L.A. County district attorney’s office announced Wednesday.

Chief Charlie Beck and the civilian commission that oversees the L.A. Police Department previously found that the officers violated the LAPD's policy on using deadly force.

Attorney Gary Fullerton blamed the shooting on a "big chain of mistakes" stemming from how the LAPD's top brass handled the manhunt, saying the officers in the Torrance shooting didn’t have the proper equipment, training or information to handle their assignment.


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